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@C4H 415'2 2'0
@S4H 1132'0 -2'0
@W4H 574'2 3'2
@O4H 379'6 0'0
MSFT 407.7200 0.2400
WMT 59.6200 0.0300
XOM 104.3200 0.2900

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  Corn      Chart FEB      
       Chart MCH      
       Chart APR/MAY      
       Chart JUN/JLY      
       Chart NEW CROP      
  Soybeans      Chart FEB      
       Chart MARCH      
       Chart APRIL      
       Chart NEW CROP      
  Spring Wht      Chart FEB / MCH      
       Chart APRIL      
       Chart NEW CROP      
  Rye--CALL FOR ROOM      Chart CALL      
       Chart CALL      
AGP   Delivery   Basis   Cash    
  Soybeans      Chart FEB      
       Chart MARCH      
       Chart APRIL      
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