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    Agronomy Department

      Our agronomy office and warehouse are located along the railroad tracks on the Eastern most end of Minneapolis Avenue.

      Our liquid and dry fertilizer plant is located at the intersection of 94th Ave SE & Second Avenue.

     Business Hours: 

      Monday - Friday      8am to 5pm

      Hours are extended April 1 - July 1



We now have a great new tool available for our Growers!  Grower360 allows you to see scale tickets, grain contract info, assembly sheets, agronomy product contracts, invoice detail, payment history, and more. LIVE!  As we grow with it we will be able to send contracts for you to e-sign, paperless statements, and company notifications (you will be able to opt in for email and/or text notifications.)   Call Jess or Laura with your email address to get set up. 



Secure by WinField United has an easy application process for Input & Fertilizer loans.  February 1st maturity date.
We also have options available through TruChoice and John Deere Financial. Contact us for more information.


Soil Testing

Variable rate has become the norm in fertilizer application. Placing the right rate in the right place has never been more important. Give us a call today to discuss your sampling and fertilizer needs.

Restricted Use Pesticides

RUP's can only be picked up on behalf of the certified applicator by the people listed on their RUP authorization form. This has to be updated annually and we encourage you to do so anytime prior to planting season.  We have forms available or you can print the form using the link below.

PLEASE NOTE- RUP's can only be invoiced to a certified applicator. The owner or a partner of your farm must be certified.

Link to the Authorization to Receive Restricted Use Pesticides (RUP's) form. 

*SFN17783RUP_0.pdf (nd.gov)

Link to the NDSU Extension Pesticide Training and Certification Program website.

Any person who intends to use paraquat must be a certified applicator and is required to take paraquat training every 3 years.  See the link below for info and the online training. 


Annual dicamba training is an EPA requirement. Here is a link-

   Agronomy Office
   Phone: (701) 375-5930
   Fax:     (701) 375-7421

   Aaron Held - Agronomist
   (701) 375-5914

   Austin Kelly - Agronomist
   (701) 375-5912


   Fertilizer Plant (Staffed when warranted)
   (701) 375-5950

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